Cleaning & Sterilisation


Cleaning & Sterilisation

Cleaning & Sterilisation.Every parent knows how important is the hygiene of the environment in which an infant or an older child is developing. There are many articles on the modern market that will help to maintain proper hygiene and sterilization in your home. smaller and larger. Microfiber window cleaning brush .Scrubbing brushes for bathroom. Microfibre spin floor mop. Thanks to these seemingly ordinary products you will be sure that the apartment is clean. Do you know that the safest way to keep your home clean and at the same time safe for your baby is apple cider vinegar! Thanks to its properties, it delicately whitens dirty surfaces.Cleaning and sterilisation. It can also easily deal with stubborn stains. Remember, however, to make a 100% ecological cleaning agent, and that it should be sufficiently effective. It should be mixed with water. And it's ready. If you do not like the smell of vinegar, although the vinegar smells very quickly. We have another natural way to do it. Prepare tiny bowls into which you put a skin of freshly peeled oranges. Leave with the window slightly ajar. After a few minutes your apartment will take on a beautiful citrus and fresh scent . Cleaning & Sterilization

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