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Welcome to Glam baby boutique,Clothes for boys ,girls ,baby clothes, toddler products and toys .

MaxiCarin online store .We prepare clothes and toys for children and babies ,you will love.

Each wardrobe of a small child or older teenanger kids ,

should be filled with stylish clothes for every occasion. Weather and sleep. For many years, children’s fashion has been in the style of cartoon lines, but also various floral patterns, check or polka dots.

Children love to dress up, even more willing to do it when they have bigger choice.

What to look for when choosing children’s clothes?

When choosing children’s clothes, we should first of all pay attention to whether they are made of good material. Many children’s clothes of artificial fabrics can cause various skin allergies in children. product .

Organic cotton clothes enjoys great popularity among parents.

You can even say that they are the top most purchased products. Another important thing is safety. It is best to choose proposals consisting mainly of natural materials, such as cotton or linen, possibly with an admixture of artificial fibers, which will make the fabric more elastic. Thanks to this, children’s clothes will be fully airy and gentle to the skin, and at the same time perfectly fit the body, guaranteeing the maximum level of comfort. In the case of shorts or skirts, the waist adjustment will certainly be a big advantage, thanks to which the clothes will “grow” with the child.

Baby and kids clothes | cute clothes for babies and older children.

Another important thing is safety, choose non-flammable materials. Dermacologically certified and preferably environmentally friendly. For instance, choose proposals consisting mainly of natural materials.

How to adjust the size of clothes for a child?

One of the most important aspects is comfort. When we choose baby clothes,
Onesie-jumpsuit sleepsuit. Remember about an important thing. Infants sleep a lot, spend a lot of time in a bed. For this reason, we should avoid clothes with buttons or a zipper on the back. It can cause various skin irritations in the child. uncomfortable. It can be painstaking or crying. Moreover ,We also suggest that our baby clothes are not too decorative. We mean a large number of buttons, sequins or other beads. Remember that an infant and a toddler learns everything for a long time, but also by taste.
The size of the clothes is also of great importance. For every child of all ages, we should make sure that the clothes are comfortable and maybe a bit larger. If the child is slim, it should be even smaller by the size. It is not worth spending money on expensive clothes, babies grow very quickly. Older children toddlers and teenagers also often change their wardrobes. Not only because of the size, which is small after a month or two, but also because of the fashionable clothes. adult fashion changes seasonally.

Beautiful selection of clothes for babies for instance :

Organic cotton baby clothes | pure cotton for delicate baby skin

Maxi Carin Fashion Collection includes:

Summer dresses for girls.
Summer dresses for babies girls.

Girls maxi dress.

Glam Girls white dress.
Summer sets for boys.
Bodysuit for babies, boys and girls.
Short shorts for boys, girls and babies.

T shirts for baby girls ,t shirts for toddler girls

T-shirt for baby boy


Glam Unisex baby clothes & Unisex baby shoes ,trainers ,

Glam Baby boutique,Clothes for boys,girls,baby and kids clothing ,toys
2 Pcs Vintage Baby Girl Clothes Summer Cotton

Toddler summer clothes

All-year-round jackets for babies and older children.
Shorts for baby girl.
Shorts for babies and boys.
Occasional shirts for infants, boys and older boys.
Suit trousers for babies for boys and trousers for older boys.
Various accessories for instance.
Baby socks,
socks for girls and horseshoe finishers.
Socks for baby boys and socks for older boys.
Winter hats for babies.
Winter hats for babies, girls and winter hats for babies, boys.
Caps, summer hats for children.
Hats for babies.
Our store also offers a wide range of validity.
Pram shoes.
Baby first shoes.
Sandals for baby girl
Sandals for baby boys
Fashionable sandals for older girls and boys.
We also offer elegant boots. Perfect for all occasions.

Boots for babies. Winter boots for girls.
Winter shoes for boys.
Snow boots
rubber boots for babies
galoshes for girls
rubber boots for boys
In our store you can dress your child from stob to glow and give a wonderful gift.

At very attractive low prices. And with free delivery to your home!

Clothes for teenager boys and girls | fashion clothes for older boys and girls

Children’s fashion, as well as adult fashion, changes from year to year.

We observe new trends, 
new fashionable colors and cuts.

Clothes for children and style

According to each parent must fulfils several functions. 
Among other things, they should be made of good material.

Why choose our clothes for children?

There is many answears but we decided to replace the basic ones.
The material should fulfils the following functions however:

Be easy to remove stains and various types of dirt.
It should be durable enough not to form holes of various kinds on it,

or not to tear too easily.
Besides, good quality material is also comfort for the child.

What you should remember when buying baby clothes for a boy or girl. 
First of all, clothes should fit well, should not be too big or too small.

Discomfort when crawling in too small or too large sleeping pills.
How to keep up with children’s fashion?

How to dress our child in a fashionable and comfortable way.

It is quite simple.

Clothes and Toys for Children and Babies
Communion dress for girls ,party dress for toddler girls ,occasionally dress baby girls,

Glam Children’s styles ,find glamor fashion for kids

are updated in stores on a regular basis.

We have a very wide range of babies for instance.
Dresses for girls or elegant outfit for baby boys.

Tracksuits or leggings. and trousers for kids. 
Children’s accessories are also very diverse.

We have a choice of different types of children’s tights.
Socks, knee-socks. Spring, summer or winter caps.

Recently also very popular hats.

A child who doesn’t like anything?
According to the old proverb

“a small child is a small problem”,

we can certainly confirm this.
Because when we buy and dress our babies.

He does not protest and does not complain and we enjoy his fairy-tale appearance.
4-13 years old. Then it just begins.

What to do when the toddler does not want to put on a new clothes? 
There is a way. Open an online store for the toddler and give him a choice.

fairy tales.
Older girls are little hipsters. They love to dress dresses.

High heels and hats. 
Let her choose such clothes on her own.
Online shopping is a great way to do it calmly and stress-free and gain a few extra hours of free time,
as well as develop your imagination and stimulate your child’s creativity.

Children Toys

We are so exaited to provide fantastic toys for kids .

We know how to do best presents ,gift .

Just look at ours toys categories .

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Glam Baby boutique,Clothes for boys,girls,baby and kids clothing ,toys

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Girls maxi dress

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First communion dress

Romper suit for baby and toddler

Bodysuit -garment for baby

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